Are you done with diets that aren't sustainable?
Don't know where to start or how to maintain your new keto lifestyle?
Already on keto and want to level up your health further?
Want to stick to it and have a supportive keto community at your side?
No more fad diets, no more "I'll get to it some day" - start today because a fresh start is
as close as your next meal!

"Best thing I could ever have done for my health" - Karin

Are you ready to make the change?
We can do this together!

How does the group course work and what do I get?

  • Sign up for the 12 week Keto Course, where you will learn how to adapt and stick to a ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Attend weekly group workshops (where the magic happens!) on Zoom.
  • With each session we unpack new modules and create clear guidelines and goals for each week During the course, you will level up       your body chemistry and live in a state of ketosis.
  • Get ready to improve your health, lose weight, have amazing energy, get better sleep and do this all sustainably!
  • Learn about the latest scientific and nutrition science, to support your journey.
  • Exclusive membership to a closed Facebook group Consistently Keto NZ, with a growing wealth of resources
  • Have access to personal daily help on messenger, as well as a group message board to celebrate wins.
  • Get a private weekly catch up to work on your goals and troubleshoot any problem areas.
  • You get results because knowledge, planning and connection is the secret to success.
  • If you have questions about this course or are considering private coaching, click below and book a chat with me to get you started.

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